COMMERCIAL: commission from Boots Pharmacies
A commission from Street Art Festival
EDITOR: A film by Oksana Maksimchuk, Editing and art direction : David Djindjikhachvili
Short documentary about “De Maat van de Markt ( market in Amsterdam east”)
Short documentary about contemporary artists Simon Schrikker
Short documentary about contemporary artists Marissa Evers
Short Documentary about cello builder Bart Poel.
Short documentary about contemporary artist Irina Birger
Short Documentary about contemporary artists Albert van der Weide en Armeno Alberts and their collaboration.
DIRECTOR: "Van greppel tot voorgrond - De Joden van Oekraïne", Sunday, June 7-2020, 15.25 uur, NPO 2
Directing a full-length documentary for the Dutch public television on Politics in Ukraine. TV premier December 1st 2019 and repeat June 2020.

Various projects and commissions