Girl in school uniform, Kyrgyzstan 2014
Dutch boy watches television, The Netherlands 2013
Dinka boy, South Sudan 2016
Girl with a platter of fruit, Gambia 2015
Children from the hotel Iveria, Tbilisi, Georgia 2008
Portrait of a Turkmen girl
Children from the hotel Iveria, Tbilisi, Georgia 2008

Photographing young people
The meaningful look in these portraits tell the story.

I love faces. I studied art because I wanted to understand humanity. For me faces are the most interesting things of human beings. Faces tell a story. Faces show emotion, soul, and personality.

Since 2003 I have traveled extensively for Unicef and other international organizations making films with young people. It gave me the possibility to study youth and to get to know them better. During my travels I met interesting young people from different life situations and cultures and when it was possible I made portraits of them.

I use a wide variety of analog as well as digital cameras and techniques. Here you can see a few examples of my work.